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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Could I really be a runner?

This is the question I've been asking myself lately. As I continue with my half marathon/triathlon training program I am really starting to wonder where this new found respect of running came from. Could it be the fact that running 3 miles no longer feels like a chore, and I actually look forward to pushing myself each weekend as me and my training partner's mileage increases each week.
My alarm went off on Saturday morning at 5:15 AM. With the sound of my alarm I questioned my sanity as I woke up and realized that yes, it was Saturday morning, and yes, I was actually kind of excited to run a 10k race. It was my first ever. I've done numerous 5ks and two sprint triathlons but no 10k race. I knew I was capable of running 6 miles, since me and my training partners ran 6.8 last weekend. But could I really compete in a race? The morning was humid and hot, as is the standard for an August morning in Florida. The first mile started out rough, but once my legs shook out I started to fall into a groove. At around 3 miles I started to feel a little rundown. The water stations didn't have water, only gatorade, which really doesn't make that much sense for a 6 mile race. All I wanted at that moment was a glass of water, well ok TWO glasses of water. One to drink. One to dump on my head. At around 4 miles I thought of turning to the woman we were passing and saying, "No offense to you, I'm sure you're a very nice person but I would punch you in the face for a glass of water right now." Must be the volunteers had read my mind because for the last two water stations they finally had WATER!
Around 5.5-6.0 miles there were two women ahead of me. Right before the 6 mile marker I picked it up and sprinted it out to the finish line. They looked like they could be my age group, so I wasn't taking any chances. Not that I ever come to these races thinking I'm going to win. I finished in 1:03:20. Which for me, is a great time! Right around a 10 minute mile.
And to my surprise I got 1st place in my age group. And I actually beat people. It wasn't by default there were actually second and third place finishers. This never happens, and might not happen again but for now I've got a really sweet pint glass to prove it!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bucket list

So I did it! I went skydiving this morning. Not only did I go skydiving, but I was the last one on the plane and the first one out of it. The whole experience still doesn't feel like it even happened. It's hard to believe it was 12 hours ago, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. It's hard to explain the feeling of free falling. I don't know what I was expecting. I think I was expecting it to be like when you drop in a rollercoaster where your stomach is up in your throat. But it wasn't like that at all. You're really just floating in the air and falling, falling, falling, and next thing you know they pull your chute and your soaring in the sky and spinning, spinning, spinning. It's not for the faint of heart, but if it's something you're considering then you should definately do it!!!
This whole experience has inspired me to write my own bucketlist. I think everyone should have one. It makes life more interesting, and now that I have a big kid job I actually have the funds to pay for some of the things I'd like to do in the future.
As of now this is my bucket list:
1. Skydive
2. Half marathon
3. Swim with dolphins
4. White water rafting
5. Go wine tasting in Napa Valley
6. Gamble on the vegas strip
7. Go on a cruise
8. Backpack in Europe
9. Enjoy my job
10. Fall in love
11. Paintballing

And I'm sure I'll come up with more! What's on yours?

Friday, August 20, 2010

And I'm freeeeeeeeeeeee...

Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee falling!
Less than 12 hours from now I will be able to say that I took flight with the birds.
I'm taking the skydiving plunge at 8 AM tomorrow.
I don't know if I'm scared, nervous, excited, or all of the above! I'll update later about the experience, as I'm sure it will be amazing!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Guess who's back...

...back again. And it's not Slim Shady. It's yours truly. I haven't posted in a while because 1) life has been too hectic, 2) I feel like I have had nothing to post about, which is a complete lie considering the move, new job, etc, and c) I've just been too lazy. In fact, I'm mostly posting for Steph (shoutout!) because she pointed out on dailymile that I really haven't posted in a while. What can I say? It's good to be loved!

I think with all the mass chaos that has been going on in my life lately it was hard to pinpoint just one thing to blog about, so instead I just opted against it all together. A lot has happened since my last post. No further dreams about tidal waves, although I was well prepared with my boogie board should the event rear its ugly head. I'm settled into my new place, aside from the random box of DVDs and other random stuff "hidden" in my guest bedroom closet. I'm also pretty comfortable with the area.
It's been a big change, but I think it's a good change. The last time I spent an extended amount of time in Melbourne, FL I dubbed it as my happy place. Who wouldn't be happy with endless amounts of sunshine and southern hospitality? Ok, only if you can get over the humidity and heat index of 105 degrees, but those are just minor details.
I've been running, biking and working out. Once I moved in I had another two weeks before work started because, in case I hadn't already figured it out, Florida is the slowest state on the planet to process any and everything. I must admit I was getting a bit stir crazy the past few days. Almost bored. You would think having two weeks to do nothing would be great. Except when you aren't getting paid for those two weeks and you don't know a whole lot of people.
I did get in some fun stuff in those two weeks. I have two new running partners to do my long runs with, my old roommate came up for my first weekend and we drank too much, and I went to see Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker aka Hootie in West Palm Beach.
Work started today. And it was work. I keep forgetting I'm not longer a student and I am going to expect my own caseload on day one. Which is fine, I was ready and what can I say...the old heads love me. I got proposed to three times today. Now, if only they all weren't about 2-3 times my age I'd consider it a minor success. I'm just fortunate to already be oriented to the computer documentation we use so it made the first day paperwork stress free and I even got out of there with all my notes done.
On another front, I signed up to go skydiving this Saturday. Nothing says, "Congratulations you finished your first full week of reality" like throwing myself out of a plane at 18,000 feet. I think I'm having heart palpitations just thinking about it!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What dreams may come...

So, I'm moved in. For the most part. If you consider a few boxes here and there left to unpack moved in, then yes I am moved in!
I've been busy for the past few days getting everything taken care of in terms of car insurance, utilities, license(s) for both myself and Mr. Lincoln. I knew that relocating was complicated but moving to a different state is a little overwhelming. The family left on Tuesday morning. Not as tearful of a goodbye as I had anticipated, but then again maybe it's becoming pent up and waiting to attack at any given point.
Which leads me to this post about the dream I had last night. Normally, I don't usually remember specifics about dreams all that often. Every once in a while I will, but for the most part I wake up and think, "Huh, that was interesting." But the reason I remember this dream was because I woke up at 4AM sitting on my floor. I've heard of sleepwalking, but I've never heard of sleepcrawling out of bed. I do remember in my dream being in the ocean and all of a sudden turning around and seeing a HUGE HUGE tidal wave behind me and thinking to myself there is no way of getting away from this. So must be by subconscious mind told my dreaming body that crawling out of bed would be the best way to get away from this tidal wave.
The fact that I remembered this dream and also the fact that I physically tried to get away from this tidal wave made me want to research what Tidal Wave dreams mean.

This is what I found

Tidal Wave To see a tidal wave in your dream, represents an overwhelming emotional issue that demands your attention. You may have been keeping your feelings and negative emotions bottled up inside for too long. On a positive note, the tidal wave symbolizes the clearing away of old habits. If you are carried away by the tidal wave, then it means that you are ready to make a brand new start in a new place

Seems kind of fitting for the place I'm at in my life right now. With all the life changes taking place its hard not to feel overwhelmed. So maybe tonight, I'll take a boogie board to bed with me and see what happens!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Peace out PA!

As I have spent the last few nights slowly packing up all of the belongings I've accumulated over the past 25 years I can't help but keep thinking one thing. Ok actually two things. First, what kind of a classy individual chooses to pack their clothing in durable garbage bags in hopes of more compact packing? And second, and more importantly, am I really moving? I've been talking about it for what seems like forever. My job has been lined up since the end of April and I've had my apartment locked in since the middle of June. But is this really it? I'm doing it. I'm moving. Out on my own with my first big girl job with nothing but me and my trusty dog Lincoln for months at a time. Sure, I'll make friends and I know people in Melbourne from my second clinical rotation. But this is it.

Now the even better question is, "Will all of my belongings fit into this?"
Insert picture of 10' Mini Mover Uhaul truck here --->

"...and this?"
Insert picture of 2003 Chevy Cavalier here ->

I sure hope so! But if you knew the massive amounts of belongings one could possibly accumulate in 25 years of existence it's a good freaking question. I prefer to refer to my things as belongings instead of crap. Although halfway through the packing process last night belongings became interchangeable with the loving term crap, stuff, junk, etc, etc...

For now I leave you with the wise words of Mr. Tom Petty...
"Well she was an American Girl. Raised on promises. And she couldn't help thinking that there was a little more to life somewhere else. After all it was a great big world with lots of places to run to."